- Porcelain

The Plant


"Quality Tiles" are produced only with stringent quality are state of the art production line.

"Angel" has it all. Right from the formulation of the body. where al the gradations of clay are perfected and then sent to the spray dryer. The water used here is also pure from the R.O. Plant.

Our High capacity presses (2000 Tannes-italian) give a homogenous Pressing which determines the actual strength. A state of the art firing in a most sophisticated Roller Kiln (Italian) gives perfect stength in the complete cross-section of the body. The sorting of the tiles is very strignt and flawless, So, we can proudly say that "Angle Ceramics Pvt. Ltd." Is a company secound to none and our floor tiles give a lifetime satisfaction in terms of durability and design. Lifelong celebration BONDED with TRUST.

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Glaze Preparation
Roller Plant
  Advanced High Capacity
Press-200 T.
Spray Dryer RO Water Purifying System
RO Water Purifying System Fully Automatic
Loading / Unloading
R & D and Testing Lab
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